Lawn Restoration - Moss Removal - Seeding - Tree Limbing

This home owner approached us in early 2014 to help correct some issues with a large amount of moss growth and large dead spots in his yard. After an initial consultation it was clear we needed to "start over".

Exhibit Lawn started with removing the top layer of all dead and damaged debris and then aerated the soil to reduce the heavy compaction that had occurred. There were a number of low spots and we re-slopped the dirt to improve surface drainage. This was key to helping establishing and environment that could sustain a healthy lawn. We also properly limbed and removed trees that were obstructing sun light and reducing proper air flow.

The soil was also treated with a natural lime product to reduce the acidity in the soil and restore PH balance.

Finally, we used a high quality shade tolerant grass seed and used a interseeding machine to plant the seeds down into the soil. We applied two seeding treatments using this method.

Only six days later the grass had already started to grow!

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