About Exhibit Lawn

Hi, I'm Scott Meyer, new owner of Landes Lawn Service - now called Exhibit Lawn!

I truly believe that each yard can be an exhibit of beauty and creativity. I really enjoy meeting with people and working with them to transform their yard and landscape into a work of art.

My formal education lies Golf Turf Management. Real world experience includes working with the many golf courses throughout northern Minnesota establishing short and long term management plans. It is this expertise and discipline that I bring to each project I'm involved with!

Sometimes us "yard guys" can have the stereotype of being a "spray guy" - constantly using chemicals. My approach is to use sprays and chemical treatments as a last resort. Instead, our experts at Exhibit Lawn prefer to correct issues with your lawn by using as many natural methods as possible: surface drainage correction, tree limbing, and soil aerification to name just a few non-chemical ways to treat your yard! However, when we believe a chemical treatment is necessary we work closely with the home owner making sure any concerns they have are fully addressed. Often times many are concerned with chemicals leaching into the soil. When we do have to apply a chemical treatment, it is still over 99% pure water! The plant soaks up the nutrients before it has a chance to soak deeply into your soil.

Bemidji Town & Country Club Golf Course - Retaining Walls